How Fresh Is Your Food? Is The “Sniff & Taste Test” The Best Way To Find Out?

Do you check the expiry label on the bread or yoghurt when you go shopping in your local supermarket? Probably yes. Most of us do. For Nick Tate, a writer with “”, however, that’s not quite enough. When he wants to buy milk, he always reaches for the container which is furthest at the back […]

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An Aversion To Water? Keeping Afloat In Austerity Britain:

The renowned Jamaican reggae singer, Bob Marley, once admitted that he “didn’t swim too tough”. So he never went “too deep into the water”. That was despite the fact that he came from a tropical island famed for its “warm seas, beautiful coastline and serene beaches” Marley’s misgivings about venturing away from “terra firma” are […]

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Left Behind: The Elderly Poor In Post-Recession Britain:

“If I’d known how old I was going to be, I’d have taken better care of myself”. So the Hungarian “film mogul”, Adolph Zukor, once famously remarked. In reality, as the founder of Paramount Pictures, he had the economic means to ensure that he was well looked after in his later years and indeed survived […]

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Just In Time For Christmas: Scotland Leads The Way On Drink-Driving Limits:

“Water is the only drink for a wise man”. This was the view once expressed by the 19th Century American philosopher and poet, Henry David Thoreau. Although the manufacturers of brands such as Volvic, Perrier and Evian are likely to concur with this opinion, if strictly followed it would in effect rule out the consumption […]

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Is It Really A Crisis?: When Should You Call 999?

What exactly constitutes an “emergency”? The Oxford Dictionary classifies it as “a serious, unexpected and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action”. The “Business Dictionary” – perhaps inevitably – focuses on circumstances which might not only cause injury, but could also result in “damage to property and/or interference with the normal activities of a person or […]

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Who Controls The UK Pharmacy Industry? Part Two: The Battle For Customers:

Which one do you trust most: Your doctor or your pharmacist? In her “Sunday Times” column on March 30th, Associate Editor Camilla Cavendish was unequivocal about her preference. Her pharmacist, she declared, is “Highly trained, reliable and available. He doesn’t hide behind a receptionist and a premium phone line. He beavers away behind his little […]

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Who Controls the UK Pharmacy Industry? Part 1: The “Independents” In A FightTo “Survive & Thrive”:

The American actor Walter Matthau once remarked that, if he hadn’t been in films, he’d have liked to have been a pharmacist. Why? Because, in his youth, he’d admired the way his local pharmacist always dressed in a “nice white coat and looked very calm.” According to the journalist Nick Cohen, however, (in “The Observer” […]

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The End Of the Road For Henry? Household Favourite Threatened By New Vacuum Cleaner Laws:

On 11th January, British Prime Minister David Cameron received a letter from 95 of his Conservative Party MPs. It wasn’t a New Year’s greeting, wishing him all the best for 2014. It was a demand that (as noted by the Daily Telegraph’s Political Correspondent, Tim Ross) the UK Parliament should been given the “authority to […]

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Are You Putting On Weight? It Could Be Your Shampoo!

Which product do you use to wash your hair? Perhaps a well-known brand such as Garnier Fructus, Pantene Pro-V, V05, Head & Shoulders or Kerastase. But on what basis did you make your choice? Perhaps “Because You’re Worth It” (the famous L’Oreal slogan), or it was recommended by your favourite celebrity, or simply you believed […]

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UK Hay Fever Sufferers “Face A Tough Summer”:

   Is it finally Spring yet? No-one – least of all the weather forecasters – seems to be quite sure. Indeed, “The Guardian” (14th May) has reported Emma Corrigan of the Meteorological (Met) Office as anticipating that there could even be “ flakes of snow” in parts of Britain this month and that “it’s going […]

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