Benefit Cuts In The UK: Foreign Residents Share The Pain:

During the six months since the General Election on 6th May, the Coalition Government has constantly attempted to re-assure the nation that “We are all in it together”. Such assertions, however, have provoked scepticism even among their staunchest supporters. The right-wing “Daily Mail” newspaper , for example, has pointed out that the 29 members of […]

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Home Office Brushes Aside High Court Judgement On Student Visas:

On July 8th, the UK’s language schools won what appeared – at the time – to be a momentous and decisive victory against the UK Border Agency (UKBA). Mr Justice Foskett decreed that the increase from A1 (Elementary) to B1 (Intermediate) as the minimum level of English required for overseas students wishing to follow courses […]

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Back From The Brink: UK Language Schools Prevail In Student Visa Battle

Until less than two weeks ago, the situation for some sectors of the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) profession in Britainwas looking distinctly precarious. The decision by the previous (Labour) Government to refuse entry to non-European Union students applying to follow courses in the UK but whose standard of English was below intermediate level  […]

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British Writers,Artists & Academics Condemn New Visa Rules:

The growing outrage over the Labour Government’s PBIS (Points Based Immigration System) has now spread far beyond the UK’s ELT (English Language Teaching) sector. On 17th March – two weeks after the meeting in the House of Commons between furious private language school Principals and sympathetic Members of Parliament (MPs) – a “Visiting Artists and […]

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Battle For Survival: UK Language Schools Protest New Student Visa Regulations:

The latest British Government entry restrictions are bad news not only for overseas students who would like to follow courses in the UK. They are also a potentially disastrous development for the  private ELT (English Language Teaching) sector. A recent edition of Brighton’s ‘Argus’ newspaper concluded that many of “the city’s renowned language schools, which […]

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Overseas Students Face Severe New UK Visa Restrictions:

How’s your level of English? Not so good? In which case, if you’re from outsidethe European Union and thinking of applying to follow a course in the UK – don’t bother. The British Government doesn’t want you here. That much was already clear from Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s speech on immigration in November 2009 . […]

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London-Based Ibero-Latino Artists Exhibit At Latin American House:

Unless they are already famous, it is not easy for Ibero-Latino painters, movie-makers, fashion-designers and sculptors to find somewhere in London where they can display their work. The Venezuelan Embassy’s Bolivar Hall is one important location which offers this opportunity. Another is the Latin American House in Kilburn. Founded in 1983,its objective is “to provide […]

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Overseas Students Benefit Britain: Don’t Turn Them Away.

Scenario: Three overseas  students apply to come to Britain to study English: One is from South-East Asia , the second from Africa, the third from Latin America.  The UK Border Agency refuses them entry on the basis that they are not sufficiently fluent in the language. So instead they go to Australia, Canada and Trinidad […]

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An Unknown Quantity? London’s Ibero-Latino Population:

How many Latin Americans are there in the UK at the moment? What do they do?  How long do they stay? The Home Office doesn’t seem to know for sure and nor does the Latino community itself. A conference recently took place at  the Venezuelan Embassy’s Bolivar Hall in central London with the objective of […]

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Languishing In Limbo: Britain’s Illegal Immigrants

After November 1st  2008, doctors, nurses, school teachers and social workers from outside the EU will be officially ‘not welcome’ in the UK. Except (presumably) as tourists or (possibly) as students The door is being inexorably slammed shut for all except those on the approved list, such as ballet dancers, sheep shearers and specialist chefs. […]

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