London’s New TV Channel: Too “Hip” To Be “Cool” (Or Vice Versa)?

“Alright! Welcome to London Live TV”. Those were the first words uttered by presenter Marleena Pone as the station finally went “on air” at 6.30pm on Monday 31st March. But was everything really so “alright”?  Understandably, the London Evening Standard (ES) and “The Independent” hailed the launch as a resounding success. They are both published […]

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London Live TV: “Ready To Go”:

As any reader of the “London Evening Standard”(ES) will know by now, the capital is about to get its own TV station. Since the beginning of this year, each edition of the newspaper has featured the “countdown” to the launch of “London Live TV” on March 31st. That’s because the Evening Standard’s Russian owner, Evgeny […]

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“Who Watches The Watchers?” The UK’s Private Detectives Under Investigation:

“Britain is the land of opportunity”. So declared Prime Minister David Cameron in his speech to the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester on October 2nd. To justify this assertion, he claimed that “300,00 new businesses have opened up in the country” since the Coalition Government took power after the General Election on May 6th 2010. […]

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Britain’s Ruling System 2013: The Queen, The Prime Minister & The “Super-Rich”:

“Is it not bizarre”, asked the London Evening Standard journalist, Richard Godwin, in his article about Margaret Thatcher on April 10th “ that we frame our national debate in terms of events that happened more than three decades ago”. His comments reflected the apparent bafflement among many in the teenage & twenties age-group as to […]

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An Infinity Of Problems: Installing A Faster UK Internet Connection:

Is your computer too slow? Does it take you too long to access your e-mails or to download from Google just when you have to rush off to work or to college? British Telecom (BT), it seems, can provide the solution  – at least, that’s what they claim in the advertisements they’ve been placing in […]

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London Fashion Week: From The Olympic Podiums To The West End Catwalks:

The stadia are empty and the crowds have gone. Most of the Olympic/Paralympic complex (according to the London Evening Standard”) will be padlocked and closed to the public until spring 2014  – after the completion of a £292 million project to convert the venues and build new roads and bridges”. Many athletes and politicians, though, […]

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The “Olympic Festival”: Sceptics Subdued – For The Moment:

Earl Warren, the former US Chief Justice & Governor of California, always “turned first to the sports pages when reading a newspaper”. Why? Because they “record people’s accomplishments” whereas  “the front page has nothing but man’s failures”. He would, therefore, presumably have approved of the massive coverage the British Press have given to the Olympic […]

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On The Brink Of The Olympics: Decisive Moment For London 2012:

“Let the moaning end and the Olympics begin”: That was the headline in the “Independent” newspaper on Friday 13th July. Their columnist, John Walsh, pointed out in his article that there isn’t one aspect of the Games that hasn’t been disparaged. The “bullying sponsors”, Visa’s “credit card monopoly”, the alleged “ticket sales fiasco”, the “excessive […]

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The End Of Analogue: TV In The UK Goes Fully Digital:

According to Woody Allen, the American film director: “In Beverley Hills (California) they don’t throw their garbage away.They make it into television shows”. The  “legendary” British  broadcaster, David Frost, has described television as “An invention that permits you to be entertained in your living room by people you wouldn’t have in your home”.  Despite these […]

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The UK Immigration System: Is It Finally “Fit For Purpose”?

Would you like to see UK Border Agency (UKBA) Immigration Officers in action? Not in person, of course, but from the relative safety of your sitting room. If you missed previous episodes of Sky 1 TV’s  “UK Border Force”, you have another opportunity this week. to gain “a fascinating insight into an unseen world” and […]

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