More Gigs, Less Bureaucracy: Imminent Changes To The Music Licensing Laws:

At the moment, if you go into a bar, pub or restaurant almost anywhere in the UK which claims to provide “live music”, what do you get? In many cases, you’ll probably find a single vocalist playing the guitar accompanied by pre-recorded backing tracks. There are practical, financial reasons for this: A single performer takes […]

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Too Many Musicians,Too Little Work? Economic Crisis Hits UK’s Latin-American Bands:

Musicians, Billy Joel (the American pianist, singer-song-writer & classical composer) once observed, “ Know what it’s like to be outside the norm – walking the high wire without a safety-net”. His compatriot, the jazz drummer and bandleader Chico Hamilton, takes a similar view: “A lot of musicians aren’t proud: They’ll do other work , just […]

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Full House At London’s Bolivar Hall For Victor Jara Concert:

On 16th September 1973,Victor Jara  –  poet, singer / songwriter, theatre director and supporter of the democratically-elected President, Salvador Allende – was killed by the military regime which had taken over Chile in a coup just five days previously.In May 2009, an ex-Army conscript was charged with Jara’s murder and the senior officer who fired […]

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“Quizas Quizas” or “Perhaps Perhaps”: Lost In Transition?

Back in 1985, Gloria Estefan and her group Miami Sound Machine released a single called “Conga”. US music industry ‘experts’ dismissed it as “Too Latin for the Americans , too American for the Latins” and its prospects of becoming a hit as remote.  They were wrong on all counts. It got to No.10 in the […]

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