“Taking Back Control”: Reality or Illusion For Post-Brexit Britain?

What’s the difference between the European Court of Human Rights (EctHR) and the European Court of Justice (ECJ)? As the “Politico” analysts, Annabelle Dickson and Quentin Aries, have pointed out, many people are confused about the distinction between these two organisations and hardline “Brexiteers” instinctively dislike them both because they have “Europe” in their titles. […]

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London Fashion Week SS19: Hoping For A “Good Brexit”:

The latest LFW (Friday 14th September – Tuesday 18th September), at which the trends for Spring and Summer 2019 were exhibited, has just ended. It was preceded, as always, by statistics issued by the British Fashion Council (BFC) emphasising the vital financial contribution (£32 billion) the fashion industry makes to the UK economy. The LFW […]

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International Espionage In The Spotlight: How To Become A Secret Agent:

Which is the world’s most powerful intelligence agency? Most people probably assume that this title belongs to America’s CIA , due to its notoriety and because it features in so many spy movies. In fact, surveys on this topic – such as one conducted by the cable & satellite channel Fox News, with its headquarters […]

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Higher Bills & Bigger Profits: The UK’s Utility Companies in 2018:

Which professions are most trusted in Britain today? According to research conducted by “This Week” magazine and the Ipsos Mori opinion poll specialists, doctors, nurses and teachers all feature at the top of the “Veracity Index”, followed by judges, scientists and weather forecasters – who, with a percentage score of 76% are now rated above […]

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It’s The Festive Season: So Forget About Brexit (For The Moment):

How do you feel about the big European Union debate? Perhaps you share the view of much of the UK population who – according to William Wallace in the Independent on 29th October – are completely fed up with the whole thing. The media and the politicians might be obsessed by the negotiations with the […]

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The Price Of Failure: Northern Ireland’s Protestants Throw British Politics Into Turmoil:

Have you ever heard of the expression “The Luck Of The Irish”? This “peculiar phrase” (states WiseGeek.com) has often been interpreted as simply meaning that (despite their turbulent history), the Irish are “inherently fortunate” and seem to be able to land on their feet when bad circumstances occur. It has also, however, been attributed to […]

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Illusions Of Grandeur: How The Global Elite Lost Touch With The Real World:

Are you a fan of the Irish Rock Band, U2? If yes, is that because you like their music or because you approve of the anti-poverty campaigns associated with their lead singer, Bono and his condemnation of oil companies that don’t pay taxes in countries where they operate? In which case, you might not be […]

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The Rampant Rooster: China’s Increasing Influence In the British Economy:

There’s a Chinese proverb which advises: “When you want to test the depth of a stream, don’t use both feet”. The People’s Republic, however, appears to have dispensed with such caution in its dealings with the UK. As the “China Daily” newspaper has reported, the appetite of Chinese companies for acquiring British assets has continued […]

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The British Honours System: When Will It Be “Sir” David Beckham?

Would you like to become a “Lord”, Lady” or even a Knight Commander (KCB) of The Order Of The Bath? And if you do manage to acquire a title, what benefits will it bring you – apart, of course, from impressing your friends and family? The financial reporter, Tony Walne, has speculated in the “Daily […]

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UK Universities In Turmoil: Students And Lecturers Unite Against Education Cuts:

“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know”. For Daniel J. Boorstin, the University of Chicago’s renowned former historian and an ex- Harvard & Oxford student, the opportunity to further expand one’s knowledge represents the main justification and incentive for moving from High School to the College Campus. The Huffington Post’s Gemma […]

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