Britain After Brexit: The Waning Influence Of Celebrity Endorsement:

When you go to your local supermarket or chemist for  your soap, shampoo or toothpaste, which brand do you choose? And why? Perhaps it’s your familiarity with the product: It’s the one you always use, you like the smell, the texture and (in the case of the toothpaste), the taste. However – according to the […]

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After The Referendum: The Uncertain Future Of The UK Justice System:

“We must recover control of our own destiny”: This has been the predominant theme on which the “Out” supporters have focused throughout their campaign over the past few months. What they have meant by this is that all decisions on key issues relating to the economy, immigration measures and the way the country is run […]

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“Foreign Companies Rule Britain”: So What’s The Point Of The Referendum?

“One of the main obligations of a Government is to protect the nation’s sovereignty. If it fails to do so, it forfeits the right to rule”. So Richard Perle, the American political advisor & consultant, has declared. His compatriot Noam Chomsky, the renowned philosopher, historian and social critic, has expressed unease about the potential consequences […]

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The Vote For London’s Next Mayor: Does It Really Matter Who Wins?

“Winning an election is a good-news, bad-news kind of thing”. This was the reaction of the American actor & film director Clint Eastwood when he became the Mayor of the small Californian village of Carmel-By-The Sea in 1986. “The bad news”, he reflected “is that now you’re the Mayor”. In other words, from that moment […]

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Referendum Boiling Point: Kettles & Toasters Next On The European Union’s “Hit List”?

What’s the first thing you do when you go into your kitchen in the morning? If you’re partial to a traditional British-style breakfast, you probably put water into your kettle for your tea and a couple of slices of bread into the toaster. According to the Daily Express, the UK continues to enjoy “an intimate […]

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Boycotting The Ballot Box: The Real Democratic Deficit?

Voting, in the opinion of US Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton, “is the most precious right of every citizen”. She considers that we all have “a moral obligation to ensure the integrity of our voting process”. Russell Brand, the British “comedian and revolutionary”, disagrees. For him, politicians are “frauds and liars” and it’s a waste of […]

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The Result On A Plate? Making A Meal Of The UK General Election:

What are the key issues that will decide who will be Britain’s Prime Minister after May 7th? The future of the National Health Service (NHS) is certainly near or top of the list for most of the electorate. Other concerns revolve around immigration, the European Union, cuts in spending on welfare and defence and the […]

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The Oil Industry & Corruption In Venezuela: A Mutual Blame Game:

 GUSTAVO CORONEL GIVES THE OPPOSITION POINT OF VIEW IN A TALK AT CANNING HOUSE:  In which Latin American country is business malpractice & fraud most prevalent? Haiti? Honduras. Nicaragua? No. According to the most recent “Corruption Perceptions Index” published by “Transparency International”  (quoted during August in “The Economist Magazine” and Spain’s “El Pais”) that status […]

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“Not This Time”: A Vote That Could Change A Nation:

“The British aren’t coming!”. That was the headline on the front page of the New York Daily News on Friday 30th August. The previous evening, the UK Parliament had voted by 285 – 272 against intervening in the Syrian conflict. If President Obama decided to attack the Assad regime as retribution for its alleged use […]

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Venezuelan Ambassador Bids Farewell at Bolivar Hall:

This year (as in 2012), the Venezuelan Embassy in London celebrated the country’s Independence Day on July 3rd – two days before the official date. (The nation freed itself from Spanish rule on July 5th 1811). As noted on the Embassy’s website, this event was preceded by a ceremony in Belgrave Square where the Ambassador, […]

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