Revolution In the Fashion World: The Catwalks Face Up To the Social Media Challenge:

Has London Fashion Week (and the ones in New York, Milan and Paris) become an anachronism? The BBC clearly thinks it’s still important: It devoted at least half of its prestigious “Today” morning radio programme on Friday 15th September (the first day of the latest LFW, which finished on Tuesday 19th September) to the event, […]

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“Bags For Life”: Less Plastic & Much Better For The Environment?

Which supermarket do you use: Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose or one of the discount chains such as Aldi? Your choice is probably influenced by a range of factors, especially price, proximity to where you live or work, the layout of the store, the brand style, habit, familiarity and whether you’ve signed up for one of […]

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The “Silly Season” Is No More: It’s Been Replaced By Something Much Worse:

Have you ever heard about “Nessie”? If yes, then you’ll know that it’s a monster that reputedly lives beneath the waters of Loch Ness in Scotland. On 11th May, The Scottish Mirror journalist, Natalie Evans, reported that a video taken by a tourist from Wales, Robb Jones, suggested that “the world famous mythical creature may […]

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Don’Take Me To A Cattery! What To Do With Your Pet When You Go On Holiday:

According to the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) – quoted in The Guardian on 22nd July – a record of 2.4 million British holidaymakers will go abroad this year. This means that over the weekend of 21st – 23rd July, more than 500,000 passengers were expected to fly from Heathrow airport, 335,000 from Gatwick […]

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The Cashless Society Postponed: The True Value Of The Money In Your Pockets:

What do you think of the new one pound coin? Even if you like the design, your priority is probably that it should be worth the same as the old version when you do your shopping. Since it was first introduced on 28th March, however, there have been what the Guardian journalists Rebecca Smithers and […]

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Getting Down To The Roots: What’s In Your Toothpaste? (& How To Squeeze The Tube):

Did you know that the actress Julia Roberts doesn’t use toothpaste? Probably not, unless you’ve ever lived in the same house as her. But does that mean, if you by chance meet her, you should keep at a discreet distance from her? According to Sarah Pope, a columnist for the “Healthy Home Economist”, Roberts shocked […]

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Summer In the City: London’s Pickpockets Prepare For Their Busiest Time Of The Year:

As the weather gets warmer and you don’t need to put on a jacket or coat, where are you going to keep your credit cards, cash and mobile phone? If you haven’t thought about this yet, it would be advisable – in the opinion of Adam Powell, Head of Operations at the insurance company “Policy […]

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Count The Pennies And Save Pounds: How To Avoid Being Overcharged At The Supermarket:

Do you check the change you are given when you are using cash to pay for your shopping? If not, perhaps you should. Social media forums such as Money Saving (MSE)regularly feature complaints by people who say they have been cheated out of sometimes substantial amounts by the person who served them. The problem, […]

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More Important Than Brexit? How To Protect Your Chocolate Biscuits When You’re At Work:

Imagine this scenario: You’ve just bought a couple of your favourite almond croissants or some cookies at Pret-A-Manger for your morning tea-break at your place of employment. You leave them on your desk while you go to another part of the office to do some photo-copying. When you get back to your desk, the croissants […]

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Changing The Clocks To British Summer Time: Good For “Larks”, Bad for “Night Owls”:

Do you know who invented the proverb “Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy and wise”? It was Benjamin Franklin, one of the “Founding Fathers” of the USA. Do you agree with him? John Ciardi, a 20th century American poet, for one, was unconvinced. He observed that it tends to […]

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