The “Olympic Festival”: Sceptics Subdued – For The Moment:

Earl Warren, the former US Chief Justice & Governor of California, always “turned first to the sports pages when reading a newspaper”. Why? Because they “record people’s accomplishments” whereas  “the front page has nothing but man’s failures”. He would, therefore, presumably have approved of the massive coverage the British Press have given to the Olympic […]

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On The Brink Of The Olympics: Decisive Moment For London 2012:

“Let the moaning end and the Olympics begin”: That was the headline in the “Independent” newspaper on Friday 13th July. Their columnist, John Walsh, pointed out in his article that there isn’t one aspect of the Games that hasn’t been disparaged. The “bullying sponsors”, Visa’s “credit card monopoly”, the alleged “ticket sales fiasco”, the “excessive […]

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Football Crazy: Can You Still Afford To Support Your Team?

Stafford Heginbotham, the former Bradford City Football Club Chairman, once described the game of soccer as “the opera of the people”. He probably didn’t anticipate when he made that remark in 1985 that in the 21st Century it would cost more to attend a Barclay Premiership football match than to watch ballet or opera at […]

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The Oxbridge Boat Race: A Symbol Of Britain’s Ruling Elite?

On the BBC Radio 4 “Today” programme last Saturday morning (March 31st), the respected presenter John Humphreys queried whether Britain’s political leaders “have lost touch with the voters”. One of his guests, Michael Portillo, (a former Conservative Government Defence Minister and now a media commentator) responded by pointing out that UK politicians are “separated from […]

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Running For A Reason: Mexico At The London Marathon:

The  Canadian athlete, Jeff Scaff, once remarked that “ If you want to know what you’ll look like in ten years, look in the mirror after you’ve run a marathon”. On Sunday 22nd April, around 35,000 people will find out if he’s right. This year’s London Marathon will start in Greenwich Park at 9.45am – […]

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The World’s Top Tennis Players: “Tired, Rich And Rebellious”:

If you followed or attended the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals at London’s 02 Arena from November 20-27, you’ll know that the tournament was won by Roger Federer (Switzerland). He beat Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (France) and in the process also received a cheque for $1,630,000. The other seven players were paid a minimum fee of $120,000 […]

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The “Saturation Olympics”: Too Much Too Soon?

If you’re reading this article immediately on publication, there are just 255 days until the Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony (27th July) and 34 until Christmas Day. Or perhaps that should be “33” for Latin Americans, who tend to attach more importance to Christmas Eve. Many UK department stores didn’t even wait until the summer was […]

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Suddenly it’s everywhere: The publicity for the event described by Lord Coe, Chairman of the LOCOG (London Organizing Committee of the Olympic & Paralympic Games) as “The greatest show on earth”. Special supplements with the competition schedules, venues and prices have been published by most UKnational newspapers. The Olympic logo – comprising blue, yellow, black, green […]

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Almost two weeks after Russiawas awarded the 2018 Football World Cup, the recriminations still hang in the air: Why did Englandreceive only two FIFA Executive Committee votes (including one from their own representative) out of a possible total of  twenty-two, especially when they’d been promised many more? The initial and instinctive reaction of the English […]

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Watching Or Working? Britain’s Bosses Face World Cup Dilemma

When Englanddrew 1-1 with the USAin their opening World Cup match on 10th July, much of the country reacted with a combination of exasperation and embarrassment. The Cross of St George flags proudly flying from thousands of car radio antennas and hoisted ( controversially) above David Cameron’s official residence at 10 Downing Street ( he’s the […]

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