Don’Take Me To A Cattery! What To Do With Your Pet When You Go On Holiday:

According to the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) – quoted in The Guardian on 22nd July – a record of 2.4 million British holidaymakers will go abroad this year. This means that over the weekend of 21st – 23rd July, more than 500,000 passengers were expected to fly from Heathrow airport, 335,000 from Gatwick […]

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Language Show Live 2016: The UK Will Need Many More Linguists After Brexit:

How many languages do you speak? Anyone reading the Spanish version of this article and living in Britain, is likely to have at least two – their own and English, as well as probably being able to maintain a conversation in Portuguese and Italian. According to the British Council’s (BC) “Language Trends Survey” published in […]

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Back To Work: But Did You Really “Get Away From It All”? :

“The worst thing about going on holiday is having to come back to work”. This was apparently the opinion of many respondents questioned during a survey conducted by “”. Whether you share this view will probably depend on whether your vacation was a success or disaster and how much you like or hate your job. […]

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Too Heavy To Fly? Counting The Cost Of The Extra Kilos:

This will annoy many air travellers: The cabin bag you carefully chose for your holiday flight could soon become obsolete. The maximum size currently stipulated by Easyjet and British Airways is 56cm x 45 x 25, including wheels & handles. For Ryanair it’s 55 cm x 40 x 20: They do now allow a second […]

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Brussels In The Driving Seat: The Abolition Of The UK’s Paper Licences:

“Power will be repatriated back to the Westminster Parliament”. This was one of the key commitments made by the Conservative Party during their election campaign. Yet, just a few days after British Prime Minister David Cameron, with his renewed mandate, returned from touring European capitals to elicit support for changes to the 2009 Lisbon Treaty, […]

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Just In Time For Christmas: Scotland Leads The Way On Drink-Driving Limits:

“Water is the only drink for a wise man”. This was the view once expressed by the 19th Century American philosopher and poet, Henry David Thoreau. Although the manufacturers of brands such as Volvic, Perrier and Evian are likely to concur with this opinion, if strictly followed it would in effect rule out the consumption […]

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“There’s No Escape From Your Smartphone”: The Intrusion Of Technology Into The Modern Holiday:

Did you know that Wednesday 24th September was “Go Home on Time Day” in the UK? Perhaps not. But even if you were aware of it, statistics obtained by Lana Clement of “Yahoo! Finance” from the “Working Families” charity indicate that you probably anyway stayed late at the office (if you have a job) or […]

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“Excursions (TM)” 2014 Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary At Alexandra Palace:

How many tourists will come to the UK in 2014? According to the current edition of the “Travel GBI” newspaper (published to coincide with the “Excursions 2014” Show at Alexandra Palace in north London on 25th January), the numbers will return to the “record levels” which preceded the 2008 global financial crisis. It refers to […]

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World Travel Market 2013: Challenging Times For The Global Tourism Industry:

“Travellers are not criminals but should be treated as customers to a country”. So declared David Scowsill, President & CEO of the World Travel  & Tourism Council (WTTC) in London on November 4th to an audience of tourism ministers from G20 nations. Their Governments, he added, should make it easier for people to cross borders, […]

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Victoria Underground Station: The End Of The 24-Step Descent Into Chaos:

It’s a scenario which will be very familiar to anyone who has ever taken the Gatwick Express to London. On arrival at Victoria, you struggle with your baggage out of your compartment onto platform 13 or 14, then battle across the concourse past the packed throngs of commuters checking the illuminated timetables for their trains […]

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